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A perfect place for children to learn and grow.

cute baby sleepingOur infant classroom has been designed for maximum efficiency, security, and safety. Toys are sterilized daily and changing tables are sterilized after each diaper is changed. Play is based on exploration, stimulation, and sensory. Music plays a big part in this adorable nursery.

For the protection of each baby, we do not allow street shoes on in the classroom and shoe covers are to be worn. We recommend every adult sanitizing their hands before entering our infant center.

Your baby will have a personal crib and cubby where clothing, bedding, food, and bottles can be stored away from other children. Individual and group experiences allow children to interact both with others as well as their environment.

Our teachers and caregivers bond with our infants to create a sense of trust that enables them to explore the world around them. Infants learn sign language, independence, self-help skills, and more. Our trustworthy caregivers will also provide the attention and stimulation he/she needs to grow into a happy, healthy toddler while making sure they feel loved and at home.